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Polar SVN Repository
In this PDF file (only Polish language available) one can find how to install SVN client and how to download Polar SVN Repository.
polar_svn_howtoPL.pdf (Last updated: 2014.07.28)
Nsat_runner for queuing system qsub using in CIŚ
In this PDF file one can find how to run nsat_runner program which runner allows to prepare input files automatically with tasks for queuing system qsub using in CIŚ.
nsat_runner.pdf (Last updated: 2014.10.02)
Polar Event Investigator
In this PDF file one can find short description of POLAR Event Investigator software for POLAR experiment data presentation and analysis.
EventInvestigator.pdf (Last updated: 2014.10.20)
Report: Monte Carlo Simulations of Cosmic Photons, Neutrons and Protons interactions with the Polar detector
MC_soft.pdf (Last updated: 2015.01.12)
Report: „Pi of the Sky” software modernization.
Pi_soft_modernization.pdf (Last updated: 2015.01.12)
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